Whitworth Centre Darley Dale

This gig was billed as “The Secret Gig” with no pre publicity.  It was a private party for a fans retirement, although The Tirith managed to get tickets for a limited no of fans to attend.  We played that night to a packed Hall.  This was one of the few gigs where we had to decline playing an encore, Carl Nightingale cut his hand badly during setup and went down with Pneumonia shortly following the gig (not related).  He did well to complete the set considering how he must have been feeling.

Set List;

Farewell Fair Laurien

No More

The Sphinx

The Exile

A Leap in to the Dark / The Autumn of our Days

The Daughter of the Water 

Gin Lil

Pioneers of the Outer Arm

The Scare  

Home from the Sea   

The Nostalgia Sequence

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