Wheatsheaf Inn, Newbold Village, Chesterfield  14th March 2013

The Tirith played the Wheatsheaf Inn, Chesterfield on Thursday 14th March 2013. 

At this gig The Tirith played a full 1 and half hour set in two halves, including an acoustic set featuring 3 songs, Laurelae, an acoustic version of Save the Oak and The Quest.

"Save the Oak" was played for the first time since 1972.  The band ended up playing for nearly 2  hours with a 20 min break after the first set. Steady crowd throughout the night until we finished at 11pm when the place suddenly filled up.  The landlord wanted us to play more so we just carried on playing for another 25 mins repeating part of the first set.

Set List;

Song Of All Ages
Farewell Lothlorien 
The Tower
Gazing At Stars
The Daughter Of The Water
The Scare 
Monday Evening

Laurelae (acoustic)
Save the Oak (acoustic)
The Quest (acoustic)
No More
Home From The Sea
Gin Lil  


Gazing At Stars 
Farewell Lothlorien
The Daughter Of The Water
The Tower

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