Danfest2, 24th November 2012, The Musician, Leicester


The Tirith played the Danfest2 Prog Rock festival at The Musician in Leicester on Saturday 24th November 2012. Opening the afternoon session we shared the stage that afternoon with Konchordat and the internationally renowned Magenta.  Later that evening The Cryptic Clues, AlsoEden, and Galahad played.

At this gig The Tirith played a full 1 hour set featuring the reappearance of Song Of All Ages (as the opening track), the longer version of Kalaya now with 2 acoustic sections, and for the first time since December 1972 the Minas Tirith classic "The Quest" played by Dick on 12 string guitar with Tim on lead guitar (simple but effective).

Finished the set with 15mins of "punk prog" 1972 vintage madness, Home From The Sea, The Tower and Gin Lil. It went down a storm.

Song Of All Ages

Farewell Lothlorien

Gazing At Stars

The Daughter Of The Water

The Quest


No More

Home From The Sea

The Tower

Gin Lil

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