Beat Route Radio Virtual Festival, 23rd May 2020

This was the strangest gig we ever played, it was a lockdown gig therefore all bands were playing remotely in cut down fashion, linking via a live feed at the allotted time to Beat Route Radio, and then playing a set without any audience reaction on our own until the finish.  The Tirith were honoured to be asked to close the proceedings on the first day of the Festival.  We played a 40 min set between 9.20 and 10pm on Sat 23rd May.  The way we achieved this was by Tim and Dick playing live in the attic studio in Sheffield, live vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, guitars and synth pedals, with Carl’s drums and synth backing tracks coming from the computer.  It was a technical challenge but we pulled it off and it went very well.




    The Daughter of the Water    

    The Sphinx

    My People

    No More

    A Leap in to the Dark / The Autumn of our Days 




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