12th January 2013

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The Tirith headlined at Greystones in Sheffield on Saturday 12th January 2013. The band were supported by post punk early 80s rockers The Recroots.

At this gig The Tirith played a full 1 and half hours, including an acoustic set featuring 3 songs, Laurelae, an acoustic version of Daughter Of The Water and The Quest.
Four songs were played for the first time, new song "The Scare", a revived and revised version of 'Lost', 'Laurelae', and at last the reappearance of our old opener 'Monday Evening'.

Out of 14 songs played, we played the full compliment of 6 vintage Minas Tirith tunes from the 70s that we now feature.  Farewell Lothlorien, Lost, The Quest, Monday Evening, Home From The Sea, and Gin Lil.

Set List;

Song Of All Ages
Farewell Lothlorien 
Gazing At Stars
The Daughter Of The Water
The Scare 
Laurelae (acoustic)
The Daughter Of The Water (acoustic)
The Quest (acoustic)
No More
Monday Evening
Home From The Sea
Gin Lil 

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