Review of Realtime Live gig 26th April 2014   Progarchy

The Tirith are a three piece band that started life in the 1970′s and have reformed to play some of the old songs and some newer ones too. Consisting of Tim Cox on Guitar  Dick Cory on Vocals, Bass and Pedals and Carl Nightingale on Drums, they played a nice set of rock tinged prog. They started with “Song of all Ages”  and by the time we got to “Daughter of the Water” the crowd were enjoying the well constructed guitar solos and sound textures from the flange, chorus and delay pedals. Towards the back end of the set they played a couple of acoustic numbers before playing the two best songs of their set. “Home from the Sea” and “Lost” They reminded me a little of Rush (without the high vocals) and a bit of Camel (without the keyboards) . Very nice and very enjoyable.

Prog Magazine May 2013

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Loughborough Echo ran a half page feature on the return of cult rock band "The Tirith"

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