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The right information on how to treat these conditions. Usually they just prescribe antidepressants without addressing the cause of the disease. Diagnosis the following tests should be requested to aid diagnosis and help determine the best coarse of action for you. generic viagra without prescription (1) hormonal assessment – have your adrenal hormones (dhea and cortisol) and thyroid hormones (t3, t4, reverse t3) tested to make sure they lie within the upper one third of the normal physiological range. much does viagra cost rite aid Most cfs/fm patients we encounter have adrenal exhaustion and quite often also have thryoid deficiencies or imbalances therefore it is very important to check these! cheap viagra online (2) food allergy/intollerance tests – alcat blood tests are available which help identify any food allergies/intollerances that may be present thus enabling a customized diet to be determined free of any foods that may be causing a problem. buy viagra online Individualized diets are more effective than generalized ones. viagra time frame (3) heavy metals – challenged 24hr urine tests or hair analysis should be performed to determine the presence of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and copper. viagra time frame All these can cause adrenal exhaustion and poison mitochondrial activity, amongst other serious problems. order viagra (4) complete digestive stool anlysis – will help identify any gut/digestive problems that may be responsible for your symptoms. viagra for daily use free trial This will also identify any pathogens in the intestines such as bacteria, candida and parasites which may be responsible for your symptoms. generic viagra without prescription (5) organic acids urine test will identify mitochondrial dysfunction. viagra from canada (6) hypoglycemia – a three hour glucose tollerence test should be performed to check for the presence of hypoglycemia as many fm patients have this condition. (7) pathogen tests – blood test for the presence of certain pathogens may not be sensitive enough for an accurate diagnosis however may be of some use. (8) vitamin d blood test treatments treatment of this condition must involve a multi-faceted approach in order to achieve good results and should include the following: (1) bioidentical adrenal and thyroid hormone supplementation to restore optimal adrenal and thyroid hormone levels if found to be deficient or imbalanced. walmart drug prices viagra For more detailed information on this you are required to log into the free members section. (2) support mitochondrial function – a number of studies have demonstrated that there is mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia patients. The mitochondria are the energy factories inside all cells where sugar is burned and energy is produced in the form of atp (adenosine-tri-phosphate). When the mitochondria are not working properly inadequate energy production is the result and thus the cells and tissues of. viagra cheapest price
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